The online environment for teaching programming

Make programming less abstract

We remove the complexities of grammar and syntax for beginners by visualising both programs and their outcomes, letting novices build problem solving skills.

Scaffold the transition to real code

As students drag and drop program blocks, they see real code built in real time. This visualisation helps students understand the principles of program structure.

A simple grammar to start with

The Banana language lets students graduate to text-based code and develop problem solving skills without being disillusioned by complex grammar.

Graduate to real programming languages

After students have acquired the basic principles, NoobLab can deliver material for high level programming languages such as Python, Java, Javascript and PHP.

Gamification for student engagement

Student earn medals which contribute to a high score table. This stimulates engagement; students stretch themselves to win all the medals.

Automated assessment and feedback

Nooblab can assess students' work, even providing customised feedback based on the unique context of a given exercise and submission.

Build your own content

Author your own exercises in NoobLab by using HTML with simple semantic extenions. Include text, multimedia, quiz questions and practical activities.

The patterns of programming

Use the detailed logs and learning metrics recorded by the system to find common student experiences, detect plagiarism, and inform your pedagogy.

Look, ma: no plugins!

All languages run on any modern browser - even on iPads - and require no additional installations. This includes fully interactive Java programs!